Life by Design
Life by Design
Kylie Sayce

Design a Life that You Love!

A Private Network Community for Women that want it All.. Business, Personal & Professional Growth.

Life by is a Private community network of like minded women on a Journey of self-discovery, transformation & Success. 

It's a unique platform offering a community network along side coaching resources, groups, courses, events, live chat & more... basically everything all in the one place. 

It is our goal to provide you with the resources, guidance & motivation to Design a Life that You Love for your own personal (and/or Business) development & transformation to create a life of success, abundance, joy & happiness whilst being part of a community that empowers you. 

With the right tools, knowledge & guidance you truly can create a Life & Business by Design.

Hi Im Kylie, your host.

 A Nurse Practitioner & Master Life Coach 



Why You Should Join Me

The Main Network is FREE! 

and...Because you choose to "live by choice, not by chance"and be a proactive co-creator of your life experiences as well as help other women with your valuable knowledge and expertise. If you're looking for a path that guides you on how to turn your Business & Life Dreams into a Reality... then I can show you the way 

You can purchase Courses (search through them below) and Coaching separately as a Free Network Member or you can purchase a course (below) 

Just by joining (even) as a FREE member) you will get Instant FREE Access to our Mini-Course Your Way to a better Life: How to Journal Your WAY to the LIFE, BUSINESS & INCOME of Your DREAMS

Free Features Include:

Network & Share your knowledge, expertise and life experience with a community that you're helping to create!

  • You can add your own Events (can even link up with your Facebook lives or zoom) 
  • You can create your own Group and members can join
  • Live Community Chat feature 
  • Add posts, polls, video's and articles
  • A select group of members will get the opportunity to become course instructors (course's will be added soon) 
  • Use the App to keep up on the go
  • FREE access to our Mini-Course "Your Way to a better Life" 
  • Members get access to significant member only discounts on new courses/journals & eBooks

JOIN FREE NOW (below) & get access to this Months Freebie. We change out the Freebies from month to month so be sure to download and/or watch each month before they disappear.

This Months Freebie Main Network :    7-Day Journaling Workbook 

Includes Tips to build a daily Journaling Habit & 7 days of Journaling Prompts. 

Become part of something amazing, a global community of women who want to "thrive and not just survive" sharing their own lived experiences and knowledge because ..."When Women support each other amazing things happen" 

 It only takes a minute to sign up & Join as a FREE Network member 

Its  truly a game changer in the way we connect, interact and share away from the noise and advertising of other social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


You are Amazing and Im so grateful you have decided to join us and share this journey because together we can truly achieve so much more. 

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